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Art of the Mind: Proudly Fiercely Loving

I convey a philosophical depiction of my feelings through conceived notions of otherworldly landscapes. Portions of the concrete world are stored as visual memory which is then translated into an abstract formation of thoughts. I concentrate on the build up of layers and the illusion of space to invite the viewer on a journey.

Although there is a wealth of visuals to pull from in my own local urban surroundings, as of late, my work explores the intense desire to travel to more distant lands. By creating imaginary worlds, I am allowing myself to escape to another place. I find that this is an important mechanism in relating my work to my everyday life – the idea that life with all its familiarities and complexities can get in the way, sometimes it is necessary to take a leap into the unknown. What on the surface might be an illusion of calm, serene or even pretty is in reality focusing on an underlying current of agitation.