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Life on ‘The Edge’

Philly Dance Troupe debuts Alzheimer’s-inspired performance at Fringe Fest

‘Into Oblivion’

In moments when residents experience a strong urge to go home, they might find themselves at a locked door.

Sky on Swings, an operatic approach to Alzheimer’s

Original opera Sky on Swings tells modern story of women living with Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia And Guns: When Should Doctors Broach The Topic?

As the number of Americans with dementia rises, health professionals are grappling with when and how to pose the question: “Do you have guns at home?”

The Caregiver’s Marathon

“It is long and challenging, is both mental and physical, and requires determination and commitment. It is no sprint."

Changing the Story

I thought I knew how to help patients with dementia. Then I met Anne Basting.